(Pocket-lint) – If you’re sick of swiping through your touchscreen tablet or smartphone and creating smudges, picking up a capacitive stylus is the best solution. 

The cosmetic aspect is just one benefit, with stylus also pens providing the user with more precision and control than the humble index finger or thumb. Plus, since many options come in multipacks, you’ll likely never have to worry about losing one, handing another out to a member of the family or keeping one spare in your backpack.

Not all stylus pens are created equally, however. Some are two-in-one devices that offer a capacitive end on one side and a ballpoint pen on the other, while others allow you to switch out the size of the rubber stub. And, while most of the picks below are entry-level devices, there are also a couple of more expensive, budget-friendly alternatives to the top-tier stylus pens, which are ideal for those producing digital drawings.

To help you find the best pen for your touchscreen adventures, explore our top picks below. 

Best stylus pens for touchscreens you can buy


Liberrway Stylus Pen (10-Pack)


For the users who want a stylus pen at every turn, Liberrway’s set of 10 offers incredible value.

The anti-scratch rubber tip gives precise control over the screen, and each of the pens comes in a different color. Each of the lightweight stylus’ also remains anti-stick, meaning you can easily glide over the touchscreen.

There’s also the clip on the top, allowing users to attach them to notebooks, bags and more.


Meko Universal Stylus (Two-Pack)


Meko’s pair of stylus pens are ingeniously designed to give you two-in-one control over your touchscreen.

On one end, you have a ballpoint-like feel for more accurate control, with clear discs fitted onto the end to allow you to view where your notes are being made.

For sketches or rougher notes, simply flip the aluminum barrel and use the fiber tip, which can also be switched out with more fittings. 

Bargains Depot

Bargains Depot Stylus (Four-Pack)


Bargains Depot offers users the same two-in-one style as other stylus pens, with one end giving close control and another designed for drawing.

Both tips are replaceable, thanks to the 20 additional tips, and the four-pack is available in a number of different color combinations.

It’s a really neat and affordable way to always have a dual-purpose stylus on hand. 


HomEdge Stylus Pen (20-Pack)


We’re not quite sure who out there needs 20 stylus pens – perhaps teachers or those extremely prone to losing things – but HomEdge’s set ensures you’ll essentially never have to worry about stocking up on the touchscreen pens again.

There is a range of different colors included, with each featuring the same anti-scratch tip and clip at the top of the barrel.

Naturally, they’re also compatible with any touchscreen you have in your arsenal, whether they’re iOS or Android.


Ankace Stylus Pen


If you’re in the market for a more high-performance stylus, Ankace’s does a good job of adding in some nifty features to enhance the experience. 

The price tag is naturally a bit higher, but if you value quality over quantity, and have an iPad that released in 2018 or later, you’ll be able to enjoy precise control, palm rejection (meaning you won’t have to wear an anti-friction glove when drawing) and the tilt-to-thicken function.

You will need to charge it, though the battery life is very solid, allowing for 20 hours of continuous use or 90 days of standby time.


Liberrway 2-in-1 Stylus Pen (12-Pack)


If you’re constantly flitting between real notepads and your touchscreen device, Liberrway has a different kind of two-in-one stylus to consider.

Instead of featuring two kinds of touchscreen-ready nibs on either side of the barrel, one is a regular ballpoint ink pen that can be twisted into action, while the other is a regular rubber tip for electronic devices.

This package also represents excellent value, giving you a dozen to lose in bags, in the office or hand to lucky strangers in need.


Werrpower Stylus Pen


Werrpower gives those considering the Apple Pencil a budget-friendly alternative – and, while you’ll have to have an iPad from 2018 or later, the company’s stylus pen does offer a couple of neat features.

Palm rejection ensures that you can easily rest your hand on the screen without it interfering, and the 1.5mm tip gives improved accuracy over entry-level pens, which are essentially just wider rubber-style nibs. 

You will have to keep it charged, naturally, but battery life lasts around 8-10 hours and it’ll only take around an hour to get back to 100%.

Writing by Conor Allison. Editing by Dan Grabham.



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