The one gadget we know you won’t be going anywhere without is your smartphone. Keeping it powered up on long journeys can be an issue, though, and for that you’ll need either a car charger or a power bank.

We’ve rounded up 20 of the best power banks on the market in our best power banks group test, and one of our current favourites is the Zendure A2. It’s a 6700mAh power bank that holds its charge incredibly well.

 Zendure A2 power bank

It’s also extremely portable, tough enough to drive over in a car, and has enough power to charge up your phone two- to three times (depending on its battery capacity).

But the problem with power banks is that eventually they will run dry, and then you’ll still need a mains port to recharge them unless you have a solar charger (see our round up of the best solar chargers here).

If you’ll be driving a lot on your journey, also consider a car charger that plugs into the cigarette lighter port (just be careful not to leave it in with the engine switched off for long periods – been there, done that).

The RAVPower Dual USB Car Adaptor (£6.99 on Amazon) is one great option in the UK. US shoppers can make use of this excellent alternative from Maxboost ($7.99).


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