Zelda Switch Controllers

When playing The Legend of Zelda games, your success is all about wielding the right tool, which translates in real life to having the best Zelda Switch controller. You can celebrate Zelda’s 35th anniversary this year with one of plenty of Zelda-themed controllers to choose from. As you know, it’s dangerous to go alone, take one of these!

Which will you take?

There are various options for choosing the best Switch controller to fit your Zelda needs. Many of these options include PowerA controllers as they are Nintendo licensed with long battery life for wireless controllers and a long cord if they’re wired. Luckily they have created many designs, so you have options!

Our favorite is the PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller – Midnight Ride. It has a beautiful design with unique color, and not being tied down with a wire makes it easier to play, however, wherever. But the wired options like the PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller – Retro Zelda are a great option to save money as long as the cord doesn’t bother you. Which option is your favorite?

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