Friday, November 26, 2021

Big Gas Stations Brands Building The EV Stations Of The Future

Shell, BP, Chevron, Greenlots, EnBW, and many other big brands of the gas station sector have their blueprints ready for the future, and they are green.

Electric vehicles are the new green tech promise for transportation, but EVs have a big problem: energy demand. It is no secret that if all cars were today replaced with electric cars our energy grid would collapse. Carmakers, like Tesla, say the answer is solar panels installed on domestic rooftops, but big gas station companies have other ideas.

Gas stations may seem to be on the wrong side of the road, but throughout history, they have learned to adapt and reinvent their businesses. Originally petrol was sold from open containers, then came the free-standing pumps and soon gas stations began blending in different technologies. Today, most gas stations offer a completely modern experience with touchscreens and auto shutoff, and some have already started their electric charge transformation.


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Shell, BP, Chevron, Greenlots, EnBW, Tesla, Audi, and many others have plans to build the EV charging stations of the future. According to Boston Consulting Group, up to 80% of current retail gas stations could be unprofitable by 2035 unless they adapt. Gas stations companies are experiencing their “Kodak Moment.” In response, they are doing more than just adapting. They say their charging experience is faster and better than charging at home. These new stations will be powered by wind and solar energy.

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Supercharging The Future

AVG Group Concept Future EV Station.

Photo via AVG Group.

By 2030, there will be an anticipated 228 million electric cars on the road. The blueprints of the EV stations of the future combine sustainable energy with home charging options, and hub communities to spend time while charging. Companies are also developing superchargers to cut down the charging times users get when charging at home. They are after the full package, from maintenance and battery sales to shopping for basics. Shell, which is rapidly adapting its stations to be EV-friendly, is out to a lead globally. It has set a target of operating 500,000 charge points by 2025. Today they have 80,000 charge points and through their roaming networks, they can access an additional 300,000 more. Shell will build wind farms and photovoltaic systems for their stations.

The ENOC (Emirates National Oil Company) station of the future was praised and awarded internationally. They also use solar, wind power, and wind turbines to “energize the future.” ENOC stations are not just water, energy, and environmentally sustainable but a complete futuristic experience designed to attract users. In Norway, where there is already a high adoption of EV cars, stations of the future are already operating. The electric vehicle station movement is awakening globally. Moving to the next generation of energy, they are convinced they will play a big role in the future of transportation.

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Source: ABC Australia, ENOC, Shell

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