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New Delhi, March 1, 2021: In a chat on the popular community voice app Clubhouse, Bill Gates explained why he finds Android better than IOS; however, he also stated that he uses both. The chat room was held on 26, February 2021. Microsoft lost against Google’s Android and Apple’s IOS in the smartphone operating system battle. The co-founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, however, disclosed his preference between the two which he reportedly shared with users on the community voice app Clubhouse.

In a report by MacRumors, Bill Gates was promoting his new book where reporter Andrew Sorkin questioned him on a variety of topics. In one such question, Gates was asked about his preferred mobile operating system as the windows mobile wasn’t an option any longer.

Gates stated that even though he has often played around with iPhones, the one he “Carries around” is actually an Android device. When questioned further he stated that as certain manufacturers (like Samsung) install Microsoft apps by default, it became more efficient and easier for him due to its connectivity with the operating system. Even though IOS users can avail themselves of both Microsoft and Google’s apps, the kind of integration with system features is limited due to the reserved nature of Apple’s platform.

While talking of the Android system Bill Gates stated “They’re more flexible……..So that’s what I ended up getting used to.” The report also states that the co-founder of Clubhouse also made a quick appearance on the chat room who also shared the company’s preference and stated that they themselves prioritized the Android version as well.

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