Friday, December 3, 2021

BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe Review (2020)

There’s an air of inevitability that seems to surround the new 2 Series Gran Coupé’s arrival into the BMW family. And curiously, if not totally unsurprisingly, this stems from the existence of a car of vastly greater proportions than this week’s road test subject, too.

The launch of the original X6 in 2008 was an interesting moment in BMW history. To say it was a curiously styled beast would be to put things very kindly indeed, but for those brand traditionalists still struggling with the idea of BMW making any SUVs at all, Munich’s third X model proved a particularly difficult pill to swallow. Nevertheless, as provocative as its existence might have been at the time, the truth of the matter was that it drove well and went on to sell very strongly indeed.

In fact, its success helped BMW to forge something of a reputation for itself as a firm with a sharp eye for identifying new, left-field niches within the car market.

Niches that were, to put it somewhat simplistically, largely defined by a dramatically sloping coupé-style roofline. Admittedly, Mercedes had helped to popularise the idea of the four-door coupé with the launch of the CLS in 2004, but BMW’s success with the more outlandish SUV coupé surely solidified its confidence in the logic of applying the design formula across its entire model portfolio – regardless of bodystyle or whether it might be considered tasteful.


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