During PAX Online, Gearbox announced that Borderlands 3 will be coming to Xbox Series X and PS5. Those who already own the game on Xbox One will receive a free upgrade for the Xbox Series X version, and those with a PS4 copy will get a free upgrade for the PS5 version. It will support 4K at 60FPS on both the Xbox Series X and PS5 in single-player. Multiplayer was unfortunately not mentioned in the announcement.. Gearbox did not reveal the frame rate or resolution on Xbox Series S.

Borderlands 3 currently supports performance and resolution mode on Xbox One X and PS4, delivering an 1800p image alongside a locked 30FPS or 1080p resolution with an unlocked frame-rate, targeting 60FPS. While it’s received performance patches since launch, parts of the game still struggle and suffer from lag, particularly the menu.

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In addition, Borderlands 3 is getting two highly requested co-op features for free. 4-player split-screen and the option for vertical split-screen play, just like the original, is coming back. These features will launch with the Xbox Series X and PS5 versions and will be added to the Xbox One and PS4 versions with a free patch.

Gearbox also revealed that Borderlands 3 will receive more paid DLC, but they won’t be like the expansions from the Season Pass. These content packs will include a brand-new game mode as well as a new skill tree for each Vault Hunter. Though the company did not reveal too many details about these skill trees, it did announce that FL4K would be getting a Loaderbot pet and a new action kill called Gravity Snare, which is a throwable trap that tosses enemies up into the air before slamming them back into the ground.

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To round out the announcements, Gearbox teased that we may be hearing news about Borderlands 3 cross-lay sometime next year.

Explore the universe

Borderlands 3

Loot and shoot your way to riches

Borderlands 3 is packed full of content already, and Gearbox is in it for the long haul. Not only will it support 4K at 60FPS on the Xbox Series X with a free next-gen upgrade, it’s also getting some new content and skill trees for our Vault Hunters to boot.



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