Friday, December 3, 2021
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Buy the Apple Watch SE at an all time low price!

The Apple Watch SE is running for a generous discount at major retailers like Target and BestBuy – it has never been cheaper before than this Black Friday week. The Apple Watch SE is famed for its robust design and its distilled features.


  • The Apple Watch SE is discounted at Target and BestBuy.
  • Instead of $279.00 now only 219.99 (20% off).
  • The Apple Watch SE is the bigger sister of the Watch Series 3.

The Apple Watch SE is one of the best Apple Watch devices that Apple has ever released, followed tightly by the Apple Watch 3, its predecessor. The smartwatch simply put, is the amalgamation of everything that defines Apple, minus the expensive price.

With these deals from Target, we find the device to be even more attractive, possibly finally putting to rest the Apple Watch Series 3 for good – at least for now. For $219.99, you can get your hands on the 40mm version, while at $249.99 you can get the larger, 44mm version.

At BestBuy, we find a similar discount, with the NIKE Sport Band included that has the added ability for exclusive NIKE watch faces. 

Why Choose the Apple Watch SE?

Apple announces watch se 09152020
The Apple Watch SE is compatible with most Apple bands for colorful combinations!/ © Apple

The Apple Watch SE has for a long time battled with the Apple Watch Series 3 for the introductory position of Apple’s smartwatch lineup. The two devices are almost identical but for some minor -yet important- details. The Apple Watch Series 3 is normally cheaper than the original $279.00 price of the Apple Watch SE, albeit with a smaller frame and older tech.

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The Apple Watch SE comes with a larger frame and display (over 30%), Fall detection, and multiple device pairing, allowing for several Watches to be paired with one iPhone.

This comes on top of the features we find in the Apple Watch Series 3, like heart rate monitoring and notifications, swim-proof design, workout presets, and sleep monitoring.

The Apple Watch SE also comes with a speaker and features built-in GPS capabilities, gyroscope, compass, etc. Pretty much anything you would expect from an Apple Watch.

Battery Wise the Apple Watch SE can survive up to 18-hours depending on how heavily you use it and has an internal memory of 32 GB, a considerable upgrade over the Series 3. The SoC is upgraded over the Series 3, featuring the S5 SiP, alongside the Apple wireless W3 chip.

And that’s it for today’s deal! With this price which one would you prefer? The Apple Watch Series 3 or the Apple Watch SE? Let us know in the comments!


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