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Buying a new Apple iPhone? Here’s how to exchange with your current smartphone | Technology News

New Delhi: Apple iPhones are pricey, but you can save money by using your current smartphone to purchase a new iPhone. Apple has issued a statement on the matter via its Twitter account. “Your current smartphone may be able to assist you in purchasing a new iPhone.” Do you want to learn how? Apple Trade In is a good place to start. According to the company’s website, Apple Trade In makes it simple to trade in any qualified smartphone for quick credit toward a new iPhone.

You’ll be asked a few questions about the brand, model, and condition of the item. In addition, the company will offer a trade-in value to help customers save money on a new iPhone. If you don’t qualify for a trade-in, the firm will show you how to recycle your phone for free. In addition, when your new iPhone arrives, the company will finalise your trade-in directly at your door. You’re probably wondering what Apple Trade In is. For a better understanding, look over the information presented below.

Apple Trade In

Apple Trade In is an exchange programme that allows you to save money on a new iPhone by trading in a qualifying smartphone at apple.com. It’s vital to note that this exchange programme is available in the majority of Indian cities. Before you begin the trade-in procedure, you should check to see if your PIN code is valid in your area.

Devices eligible for trade in with Apple Trade In

The majority of iPhone models, as well as a large number of Android handsets, are eligible. When purchasing a new iPhone, you can check eligibility by providing your serial number or IMEI.

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1: When purchasing a new iPhone, answer a few questions about your current smartphone to receive instant credit toward a new iPhone. After that, you’ll receive an estimated trade-in value, which you can use as an immediate credit on your purchase. Apple’s courier will confirm the day and hour of your doorstep delivery and trade-in exchange once you place your order.

2. Prepare your smartphone for exchange: Before the courier arrives, take a few minutes to prepare your smartphone so that they can run a diagnostic test and check that it works. Know how to do it.

For iPhone users:

You must back up your data, ensure that your iPhone can connect to the internet from your current location, and have your Apple ID and Password available to switch off Find My iPhone when the courier arrives..

For other smartphone users:

You must back up your data, ensure that your smartphone can connect to the internet from your current location, then install the verify app on your phone.

3. Get verification on your doorstep: The courier will assess your gadget and execute a fast diagnostic test with your permission on the day of delivery. Here are some of the things they look for: The touchscreen, enclosure or back glass, and camera lenses’ physical condition, front and back camera functioning, battery wear and tear, storage capacity, performance speed, Wi-Fi and mobile capability, and so on.

4. Enjoy your new iPhone: Your trade-in will be complete after your smartphone has been validated, and you will receive your new iPhone. You can still acquire your new iPhone if verification reveals that the condition is not as advertised or that anything does not operate.

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The new iPhone is yours as soon as you pay the courier the difference between the trade-in credit you already received and the revised value of your device.

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