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Can you drive if you are deaf?

DESPITE many people assuming you’re unable to drive if you’re deaf, the opposite is true.

Deaf people can legally drive in Britain, although there are some cases where certain things are required. All is explained below.

You can drive a car or motorbike in Britain if you are deaf without telling the DVLA


You can drive a car or motorbike in Britain if you are deaf without telling the DVLACredit: Getty

Can you drive if you are deaf?

Yes, you can legally drive in Britain if you are deaf.

Many assume that deaf people can’t drive, but in fact, there are no restrictions to driving a car or motorbike.

In fact, hearing experts say: ‘Contrary to belief, research has shown that the deaf and hard of hearing do not cause more traffic accidents than drivers with regular hearing.

‘People with hearing impairments are much more vigilant and rely more on their visual observations – they stay alert for all kinds flashing and emergency signals or vibrations much more than the regular driver.’

Do I need to need to tell the DVLA that I am deaf?

If you are deaf and want to drive a car or motorbike, you do not need to tell the DVLA.

If you want to drive a bus, coach or a lorry (with the correct licence) then you must fill in a form before you do so.

The form is called the AUD1 and you’ll need to print it off, fill it in and send it to the DVLA.

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Can driving instructors use sign language?

Yes, driving instructors can use sign language when helping people learn to drive.

Not every driving instructor knows sign language, so it’s just a case of finding one that does.

Some firms even make sure all of their instructors know sign language as a standard requirement.

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