• Bicycle maker Canyon unveiled the Future Mobility Concept, an electric vehicle that can be driven in both car and bike lanes.
  • According to Canyon, the concept has the traditional four wheels and weather-proof aspects of an actual car, but functions more like an electric bicycle.
  • The seating area can be sealed, protecting the driver from outside elements.
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Bicycle maker Canyon has unveiled the Future Mobility Concept, a sustainable concept vehicle that can be driven in both car and bike lanes.

Canyon partnered with the Technical University of Aachen in Germany for the design, and the final product of this teamwork resulted in the combination of an electric bicycle and a car that can glide into the bike lane when traffic in the car lane is too backed up.

Canyon’s new concept four-wheeler was designed to combat the world’s increasing traffic congestion and pollution issues. By planning a concept vehicle that is both low emissions and able to bridge mobility issues prevalent in both transport methods — cars and its unavoidable traffic issues, and bicycles and its lack of weather-proofing — Canyon was able to design a versatile vehicle reminiscent of a recumbent bike.


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