hile much has been written about the impact of poor body image and the intense bodily scrutiny and judgement faced by women and girls, a new study has found that men are increasingly falling victim to the same anxieties.

Whether it’s feeling the pressure from social media snaps or dating apps, men are increasingly concerned about their appearance and the need to conform to narrow expectations of what constitutes desirability. A 2017 study from the University of Sydney found that 45 per cent of men in the Western world are unhappy with their body, an increase of 15 per cent in 25 years.

As the seemingly infinite number of ways to modify and change your body increases with each year, so does the pressure to meet these increasingly high standards. And on shows such as ITV’s Love Island, viewers expect male contestants to be as ripped and trim as their female counterparts, with even professional dancer Curtis Pritchard opening up about his experience of being fat shamed during season five of the popular show.



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