Wednesday, January 19, 2022
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Charge for cheap! This Spigen USB-C wall charger is down to just $23 for Black Friday

If you read tech publications such as ours, you’re probably loaded with USB-C devices in need of constant charging. So what do you do when there are only so many outlets in the world with which to feed your precious electronic babies, desperate for their turn suckling the electronic sustenance drip that is your home’s cache of power-giving holes in the wall?

You buy a wall charger, of course! No need to watch your phone die a miserable, untimely death after it gives up in the fight to cling to 1% battery while you doggedly swipe left and right on Tinder, sure that this time will be different and you’ll actually find a cute partner. Spigen has a dual USB-C charger built directly to satisfy your kind of techie.

The Gallium Nitride (GaN) dual wall charger gives you the power to charge two USB-C devices at the same time, an absolutely groundbreaking innovation that’s sure to attract copycats. If you want to learn more about GaN charging tech, check out Navitas’ Semiconductor’s breakdown of its benefits to both you and the planet at large. But if you don’t care about the planet, or yourself, and just want the baseline info of how this charger will hit your wallet, here’s the scoop: You only have to pay $23 for this puppy. That’s $13 (36%) off.

Spigen Charger Usb C

Save $13:
Spigen dual USB-C wall charger

Inexpensive, two USB-C ports, all the charging potential in the world: What more could you want?

$23 at Amazon

So, if you happen to be one of the folks with a pair of Surface Duo 2 devices lying around both in need of charging, this is your lucky break. And that should be most of you, because everyone owns not one, but two of the hyper-niche $1,500 Microsoft foldables, right? Right?

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