The Amazon Echo Buds have received a fantastic $40 price drop this week, bringing the Alexa-oriented cheap wireless earbuds down to just $89.99 at Amazon right now. That’s a lot closer to the sub-$100 price tag we were all expecting from the recently released earbuds, but is it still worth your cash? 

To put simply, yes. The cheap Amazon Echo Buds have taken flak for their use of Active Noise Reduction rather than cancellation (a distinction that led many first wave users to question the level of external silencing on offer) and audiophile-frustrating sound quality, but there’s a lot to be celebrated here and especially at this price tag. 

While you’re not getting full noise cancellation out of these cheap wireless earbuds, you are getting a pretty robust set of noise-isolating headphones capable of drowning out background sounds as well as sets of much higher price tags. While a true audiophile might take offense at some of the muddier bass lows and particularly stringy higher frequencies, an everyday listener isn’t going to take much notice when their favorite song is banging out. In a real-world setting, this Amazon Echo Buds deal offers excellent value for money on a fair set of headphones. 

A cheap set of noise canceling-ish earbuds with Alexa built in (obviously) is perfect if you’re just testing the true wireless life or want a secondary cheaper set. Plus, you’ll be shelling out $249 for AirPods Pro or $230 for the Sony WF-1000XM3‘s, making that $90 Amazon Echo Buds deal all the more impressive.

Today’s best Amazon Echo Buds deals

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