Apple leaker Every Apple Pro just published a 5-second video showing what is claimed to be the official chassis of the iPhone 12 Pro. It shows the inner panel, the sides, and the back of the phone, which shows evidence of a LiDAR camera system, what appears to be a magnetic connector (possibly for charging), and a whole above the sleep/wake button that could be meant for a lanyard tie.

The video is short and the hand moves fast, but we can definitely see that the iPhone 12 Pro looks to be going back to Apple’s previous and beloved iPhone 4 style design aesthetic with chamfered edges.

On the right edge of the chassis, the edge that houses the volume buttons, there appears to be a very subtle strip that definitely reminds me of the magnetic connecting strip on the iPad Pro for the second-generation Apple Pencil.

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Presuming that Apple isn’t making an “Apple Pencil mini,” we can presume that this may be in preparation for a completely wireless iPhone that charges with a magnetic connector similar to the Apple Watch. This may not be an available feature in the iPhone 12 Pro but may hint at a future iPhone.

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On the side that houses the sleep/wake button, we see the SD card slot, the sleep/wake button (which looks a bit longer than on the current iPhone 11 Pro), and an additional unknown port above the button. It’s very difficult to see it, but in my opinion, it looks like a hole for attaching a phone charm, which is still hugely popular in some countries.

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