The firm currently fits a range of Ford and Suzuki engines in the iconic Seven range, only manufacturing the chassis in-house itself. McDonald told Motoring: “We tested an all-electric prototype last summer [2020] which offered the same kind of performance and agility as our current, entry-level car, that costs around £27,000. In the current market, that BEV car would be £100,000 – which isn’t feasible. “Once electric car technology has advanced, we are confident there will be a solution. I also feel that, depending on legislation, there would still be a market from enthusiasts to use our cars on a track-only basis.”

Caterham has 125 employees and McDonald says he knows all of them by name. “I can honestly say there has been no panic from the team. We’ve been through enough ups and downs in the past to know Caterham will survive.”

A year ago, Aston Martin reportedly shelved plans for the Rapide E – the company’s first all-electric car. The announcement was later denied and the model still appears on the company website. However, a spokesperson confirmed the saloon was now “permanently paused”. 



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