While battery electric vehicles are stealing much of the low-emission driving limelight at the moment, hydrogen power is still being explored as a future fuel. And who would have thought it would look like weird gray sludge.

Some believe that hydrogen is the better long term option for low-emission vehicles, as its very energy dense and can refuel a vehicle in minutes — much like a conventional gasoline car.

However, it does come with some caveats. Hydrogen is very difficult to store, and infrastructure for fuel cell EVs is rarer than a nine-bob note.

But some crazy scientists have been thinking outside the box, and come up with a solution. It looks like gloopy and dirty old toothpaste that’s been scraped out a u-bend. On the upside, it’s called POWERPASTE, which is powerful and cool. It’s not at all weird.

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Credit: Fraunhofer IFAM