Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Crock-Pot Express review | TechRadar

One-minute review

Crock-Pot are known for their slow cookers, which they’ve been producing since the 1970’s, and in 2017 it launched its first multi-cooker in a bid to rival some of the best Instant Pots on the market. The Crock-Pot Express is an affordable multi-cooker that gives Instant Pot and rivals such as Breville a run for its money when it comes to offering a range of cooking methods in one easy-to-use appliance.

The Crock-Pot Express has a fairly streamlined design and while it’s not a pretty appliance, it’s more subtle than some of its competitors. The 6-quart/ 5.6-liter cooking capacity is big enough for the average family and it comes with very few accessories, just a small rack, and a spoon, so there’s not too much to store.


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