The winners of the week are those getting around on two wheels, while the losers of the week (also two-wheeled) caused an evacuation at Dropbox HQ.

Winner of the week: e-bike cyclists

A recent study has looked at the calorie consumption of cyclists, both those with normal bicycles and those with e-bikes or electric-powered cycles. The result is positive for both. The physical effect required to ride a normal bicycle is, of course, higher, but e-bikers cover longer distances and are more likely to get off the sofa and onto their bike. Both types of cycling are powerful for calorie burning and are extremely healthy, but e-bikers overall burn more than regular cyclists.

Cyclists are therefore at the forefront of health and environmental protection, largely regardless of whether they have a battery and a motor on their bike or not. In times of evolving e-mobility and transport, which we are currently experiencing and initiating a lot of traction, this trend s unlikely to change any time soon. Have a good ride!

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Loser of the week: e-scooter riders

Meanwhile, the week was not so good for riders of e-scooters. The San Francisco Fire Department (SFFD) was called out to the main offices of Dropbox this week after an electric scooter caught fire. The building, located at 333 Brannan Street, had to be evacuated. The SFFD confirmed that it was able to put out the fire, and that nobody suffered any injuries.

Davy Rudolph, associate creative director at Dropbox, tweeted a photo that confirmed the scooter was inside the building when it caught fire. E-scooters have had a turbulent entry to the mobility market, particularly in San Francisco, where companies such a Lime and Bird have had to deal with vandalism, community backlash and even a city ban.

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It seems as though, this week at least, e-bikes are winning and e-scooters are losing.

What were your tops and flops of the week?



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