Monday, May 16, 2022

Dell Small Business is leading the way in cyber security

Cybersecurity is a major issue that requires professional assistance. Whether it’s protecting against phishing attacks, fighting off malware or ensuring employees don’t fall victim to ransomware, Dell Small Business can provide advice and solutions.

The BBB states that one in five businesses have reported themselves as a victim of a cyberattack, and these attacks can place firms at serious risk. Research from Microsoft shows that cyberattackers spend a median average of 148 days on a network before detection, meaning these breaches can cover months before businesses act. Here’s how Dell is leading the way in protecting firms against such threats:

Small Business Technology Advisors

These advisors can help businesses develop a security solution that meets their needs. They can get in contact to discuss the unique needs of your company, formulating tailored technology solutions and offering one-on-one partnerships to help bring these ideas to life. Statista data projects cybersecurity spending in the United States will reach $66 billion in 2018, so it’s crucial to spend wisely.

MozyPro Backup Solutions

Mozy’s backup solution can protect against costly data loss. A Ponemon Institute survey found in 2013 that the average data loss from an American business can cost a staggering $5.4 million.

This Dell-provided cloud backup solution can take the hassle out of managing backups, offering automatic and scheduled saves. Users can manage backups and mobile access for multi-user environments from a single web-based console.

Dell also protects against these backups falling into the wrong hands. The backup and sync data uses enterprise-grade encryption before, during, and after transfer to cloud servers. The Dell EMC data centers use round-the-clock onsite monitoring. Businesses can also use Mozy2xProtect to store backups on local drives alongside cloud saves.

McAfee Protection

Dell provides small businesses with software solutions that can protect devices against malware, viruses, and other online threats. The McAfee Small Business Security package offers 24-hour support for the duration of the subscription, while also offering updates to protect against the latest cybersecurity issues as and when they emerge.

Biometric Authentication

Dell computer hardware can help protect users with built-in security solutions. While the BBB found that passwords are the number one set of data affected when a company fell victim to a cyberattack, extra layers of protection can boost security better than even the strongest passwords.

The company offers a range of laptops with biometric authentication, powered by the Windows Hello system in Windows 10. These can range from fingerprint scanners, to advanced facial recognition that uses an Intel RealSense or 3D camera to scan the user’s face to grant access. Biometric scanners can work alongside measures like strong passwords and two-factor authentication to boost security without sacrificing usability.

Powerful Firewalls

A hardware firewall can help protect against external attacks. Dell’s SonicWall TZ series offers a unified threat management system, fighting off viruses, spyware, malware and spam. The system can check all traffic for threats using its patented Reassembly-Free Deep Packet Inspection technology, while its Comprehensive Anti-Spam Service can block spam that could otherwise lead to severe phishing attacks.


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