Friday, October 22, 2021

Discord Will Finally Let You Schedule Server Events

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Discord was initially designed as a place for gamers to get together and use voice chat. The service is constantly getting new features, and a new batch is coming that’ll you schedule events on a server and change your profile for each server you’re on.

According to The Verge, the chat app is getting a new scheduled events feature that allows you to create an event and share it with a server, much like a Facebook event. Personally, I use Discord for remote Dungeons & Dragons games, so having the ability to create events for upcoming games sounds like a remarkable feature for ensuring everyone knows when the next games are scheduled.

With the new feature, guests can RSVP through Discord and receive a notification when the event starts, eliminating any excuses for forgetting about the next big game night.

Additionally, Discord is rolling out a feature for Nitro users that’ll let them set custom names and pictures for different servers. So, going back to the D&D example, you could use your character’s name in a server dedicated to the D&D game and your real name in other servers. Previously, you would have to change your name each time you changed servers, which was quite a pain.

As mentioned, this was first reported by The Verge, but Discord hasn’t officially announced the new features yet. We reached out to Discord for comment but haven’t received a response as of this writing.


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