Friday, July 23, 2021

Disinfect everything with the powerful HomeSoap UV Sanitizer, 52% off for Prime Day

With the pandemic situation from the past year, it’s never been more important to sanitize all of your items, especially electronics. Do you realize how dirty those glass screens of your iPhone and iPad get after a full day of use, and being out and about everywhere? Ick! We’ve seen a rise in the best UV sanitizers from the past year, but the brand that started it all was PhoneSoap. And with PhoneSoap’s HomeSoap product, you can sanitize more than just your phone — you can clean your tablet, remotes, keys, watches, pacifiers, and anything else that can fit.

Originally, the HomeSoap goes for $199.95, but it is currently 52% off on Amazon, bringing the price down to just $95.99. With such big savings, it is one of the best Prime Day iPad deals we’ve seen so far, so don’t miss out.

Phonesoap Homesoap with PhoneSoap ProSource: Bryan M. Wolfe/iMore

Ever since the pandemic, people have become more self-conscious about cleaning and sanitizing everyday items, including electronics like iPhones and iPads. Just think about it — you’re using these items every day, touching the screens with your fingers dozens of times throughout the day. Who knows what germs and other gross things are getting all over your screens? One of the best ways to disinfect and sanitize your phone, aside from using things like disinfectant wipes (and carefully!) is to use a UV sanitizer.

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With a UV sanitizer like HomeSoap, you basically blast items with powerful UV-C light, which reduces and kills up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses in just 10 minutes. The large compartment of the HomeSoap can fit your iPhone, iPad, remotes, keys, wallets, watches, and anything else that you use daily and can fit inside. UV-C light surrounds the entire compartment, giving complete 360-degree UV-C disinfection.

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To top things off, the HomeSoap has two charging ports on the outside: one USB-A and one USB-C. This means you can plug things in to the HomeSoap while sanitizing other objects, making it a great multitasker. The HomeSoap also has automatic or manual mode, so you can choose whether it starts cleaning the moment you shut the door or at the push of a button. Nano-suction feet on the bottom keep the HomeSoap firmly in place, and there is also a Kensington lock slot in case you want to secure it to a surface.

While I don’t have the HomeSoap personally, I do have the PhoneSoap 3 and use it daily to sanitize my iPhone 12 Pro twice a day. Our own Bryan Wolfe does have the HomeSoap, which he gave a favorable review — just don’t expect it to clean larger items like laptops, because they may not fit.

If you want to safely sanitize your electronics and other frequently used items, then you should definitely grab the HomeSoap. At 52% off, this is one of the best iPad Prime Day deals that we’ve seen, and you shouldn’t miss out. For more savings, make sure to check the other Prime Day deals we’ve found!

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