Disney has developed a real-life lightsaber and, of course, chose May the Fourth as the day to show it off and promote its impending release.

The company has been teasing a lightsaber since April, and now, it’s published a video showing the saber in action. It’s not a flimsy toy. It’s a retractable illuminated blade that beams outward from the hilt. The video is short, and the announcement provides no insight into how the saber works. But there are existing patent filings from Disney that suggest it works almost like a motorised tape measure, consisting of plastic and LED lights.

The new sabers will be featured at Disney Park’s upcoming Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser hotel. Disney said they’re still a work in progress at its Walt Disney Imagineering Research and Development arm, but they’ll most likely be ready for guests to buy when the Starcruiser hotel opens next year.

Disney didn’t share any details on pricing or availability, but considering its existing lightsabers already cost $200 each, we suspect they won’t be cheap.

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