(Pocket-lint) – For a user who is leaning towards a background check service that offers more coverage, Intelius can come in handy. So, we are here to give a full Intelius overview. With such reliable resources like the said background check, one can get accurate information about a person privately without letting him know that someone is searching for him.

For employers who want to make some deals with their business partners and have the dirt on their business partners, Intelius provides a baseline of accurate information. Also, it helps the businessmen to dig deeper.

Moreover, it presents the demographic history and even the person’s criminal records in front of the client. Albeit, its use is prohibited for tenant screening; a person can use it to track a long-lost relative.

Before learning more about Intelius, here are the top 4 background check platforms that offer correct information:

  • Intelius – Collects accurate results from both state and nationwide levels.
  • CocoFinder – Offers results from an extensive database.
  • TruthFinder – Brings a wide variety of background check features.
  • Instant Checkmate – Fast web layout.

Let us give an insight into every aspect of this Intelius overview and know what features come under this service.

What Is A Background Check Service and What is Intelius?

Finding a lost relative or getting the information of any person is possible with the wonders of technology. Now one can get the information about a person, and if any user has any trust issues with the identity of a person, they can verify his identity with the background check service. As the name depicts, the background check service is a service that checks and verifies the background of a person.

Intelius -a Seattle-based company is a pioneer in the information commerce industry and is operated by People Connect Inc. The parent company also owns Classmates.com. It aggregates the information from a variety of sources.

Sources from where it gathers digital information are as follows:

  • Private companies
  • Public sources include
  • State government agencies
  • Local agencies
  • Federal agencies

Since now, One can have a pretty clear idea about what Intelius search is. Now they might be looking out for its features. But wait, before leaning towards its features, one needs to know is it worth considering or not?

Why is Intelius Worth Considering?

Here, we will share what makes Intelius stand out and why one should consider getting the service to fulfil their background check needs.

Detailed information

As previously mentioned, Intelius contains pricing plans at a reasonable rate. One can get more detailed information than its competitors at such affordable rates.

Apart from the name, email address, and phone number, it provides a report covering the educational history, work record, even criminal record, and much more. Those who want a free trial can avail of Intelius’s premier free trial offer. During these few days of free subscription, the new user can enjoy all features of premium free of cost.


It is an accredited business and a scan. Those who are worrying, Is Intelius legit? We simply say, YES, it is a legitimate business. The disclaimer of the site has given a warning against the use of this service.

So by properly following the information provided on this site, any user can use it without any issue.

Affordable Subscriptions

Since many service providers present background data check services, some even do not charge a penny for their services. But they lack the reliability factor, and most of the time, the information is not valid.

On the flip side, Intelius delivers credible information at very affordable rates. If one is wondering, is Intelius free? Yes, its basic people search is free, but one needs to subscribe to its different plans to cover the detailed information. Intelius’ price is different for shorter or longer subscriptions. Its longer subscriptions have an advantage, i.e., they are less costly than individual monthly packages.

Furthermore, Intelius premier plus provides unlimited searches per month. Also, it offers one background check that is valid for one month. Here the difference between Intelius premier and Intelius premier plus lies that the former does not provide background checks per month while the latter includes this monthly check.

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What are the Key Features of the Intelius?

Most of us think that being a background check service, Intelius offers services limited to background checks. Regardless of providing this service, Intelius delivers details more than that.

People Search

With Intelius people search, the user can get the necessary details of the person they are looking for. The essential information that an individual can get includes:

  • Age
  • Residential address
  • Email address
  • Social media profiles
  • Education or employment history
  • For this name-based search, Intelius requires the first name, last name, address, or city name of that person.

Criminal Record

The Criminal record reports provided by Intelius help a client to disclose the criminal history. In this way, they can assess the trustworthiness of that suspected person. According to Intelius reviews, they can get the following details in the criminal record reports at both state and nationwide levels.

  • Deposition dates
  • Felonies
  • Details of all arrests
  • Misdemeanours
  • Not guilty verdicts

Public Records Report

It is more or less the same as people search. But it gives the record of a person’s marital status, enabling a user to know the person’s marriage and divorce history. With a simple click on www.intelius.com/public records, one can access the public records.

Reverse Phone and Address Lookup

If a user is tired of getting wrong calls from a stranger, reverse phone lookup allows them to track the destination of the owner of the phone number.

If a person is interested in moving somewhere? The Intelius address lookup feature enables them to get the details of the residents of that area. So they would be able to know if it is safe to move in that particular area.

Intelius Official Website: www.intelius.com

Alternative Services:


Getting in-depth information becomes hassle-free with the Intelius. Whether you want to vet new social media friends, neighbours, or want to get a record of any person, this legitimate background search service would allow you to do this easily.

Moreover, one needs to enter the name into the search prompt, and it provides compelling, comprehensive, and accurate reports. This service has many budget-friendly subscription bundles.



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