Donald Trump Jr, son of former president Donald Trump, launched a scathing attack on Democrats on Tuesday who he accused of “living in their little echo chambers,” and said senators and the federal government should focus on the pandemic instead of his father’s impeachment trial. 

Mr Trump’s eldest son appeared on a Fox News show hosted by Sean Hannity, a supporter of the former president, to discuss cancel culture and the Democrats-led impeachment trial as his father awaits a Senate decision for allegedly inciting the 6 January insurrection at the Capitol building.

He called himself the son of a “billionaire from Manhattan” who has a better pulse of the “American people” than Democrats.  

“As always, the Democrats are overplaying their hand,” Trump Jr said.

“They don’t get it because they live in their little echo chambers. And I understand the irony, the son of a billionaire from Manhattan having a better pulse of the American people than the people chosen by those people to represent them in Congress, but the Congress is clueless…. because they have their lackeys in the media telling them they’re right about all of their nonsensical attacks,” he said.

He defended his father over allegations of inciting the riotous mob in the Capitol with his speech, saying whatever the former president said was “mild” in comparison to any other speech in the history of American politics.

“Candidly, whatever my father said on January 6th was mild in comparison, but if you were to take his speech and compare it to literally any stump speech ever given in the history of politics, you would see absolutely no deviation,” he said. “But because the democrats have media in their pockets, carrying whatever message, they can go on with impeachment part duh.”

He termed the Democratic party “hypocrite” and with “double standards” as he railed against impeachment lawyers but got mocked on social media for failing to say “deux”. Trump Jr wanted to say “impeachment part deux” but ended up pronouncing it as “duh.”

“The double standards are insane and maybe the United States Senate should be focused on that rather than their nonsense,” he said.

He went on to attack the federal government, saying the world is in the middle of the pandemic and the Senate Mr Trump’s impeachment trial is not what they should be focused on.

“Aren’t we in the middle of a pandemic?” he asked. “I thought that these senators would maybe have something better to do. Maybe they would actually fight for the American people, for a change. Maybe they would actually get to the business of helping us through this pandemic.”

To counter Democrats, Republicans have “got to play hardball if they’re [Democrats] playing hardball,” he said.

”We’ve turned the other cheek as they’ve slapped us in the face and laughed as they won every major fight along the way.“

As the impeachment trial continued in Senate on Wednesday, six Republicans joined Democrats in a 56 to 44 vote in ruling that the second impeachment of Mr Trump is constitutional and can move forward. The trial was adjourned until Wednesday when each side would have 16 hours to present their case.



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