Remember when Super Mario was a big-game poacher who’d separate the parents of young primates from their offspring and keep them locked in cages? No? Well it happened, and Nintendo will be celebrating the fact with this month’s Nintendo Switch Online line-up.

Headlining the May 2019 selection of free games that accompany the Japanese gaming company’s online subscription service for Nintendo Switch is Donkey Kong Jr, the NES sequel to the arcade classic that introduced both Donkey Kong and Mario to the world.

You play as the son of the original Kong, Junior Kong, jumping through hazardous levels to rescue your pops who has been captured by the plumber. It’s a smart and challenging game from 1988, which cleverly reverses the hero-baddie dynamic of the original.

More Nintendo Switch Online games

Donkey Kong Jr will be accompanied by VS. Excitebike and Clu Clu Land.

VS. Excitebike is a motocross game with multiplayer options, seeing you race to the finish line in both head-to-head bouts and time attack challenges. Think of it as a 1984 precursor to the Trials games.

Finally, there’s Clu Clu Land, which is a bit like a Pac-Man clone with a rather unfortunate name.

They bring the total number of NES games available to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers to over 40, joining the likes of Super Mario Bros 3., River City Ransom and The Legend of Zelda. It’s a solid line-up, but here’s hoping that E3 2019 brings with it the first SNES games for that $3.99 (£3.49 / AU$5.95) per month subscription cost.



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