Saturday, September 25, 2021

Dundee plans to spread electric vehicle development across the UK

The Scottish city has established itself as Europe’s most innovative EV city with a number of schemes in place to push for more electric cars. This is in preparation for COP26, which is being held in Glasgow in November.

Their aim is to have all council owned cars and small and medium vans to be electric by the end of 2022.

Dundee Council is going above and beyond with their incentives for owners of electric vehicles.

As the UK Government has cut electric vehicle grants, Dundee allows EV drivers to charge for free, as well as free parking in multi-storey park houses.

This is one of the most consistent hang-ups for potential buyers, as seen by the think tank Policy Exchange.

They estimate that the UK needs around 400,000 public chargers by 2030.

In order to reach that target, the infrastructure needs to expand from current levels of 7,000 a year to 35,000 annually over the next decade.

One of the most unique features of Dundee’s electric revolution is the development of a pop-up charging hub.

The innovative EV chargers have been placed throughout the city, and will only ‘pop up’ when in use, activated by the Urban Electric app.

These are designed for drivers who don’t have access to off street parking.

Olivier Freeling-Wilkinson, co-founder of Urban Electric, spoke of the development of the pop-up chargers.

He said: “About 90 percent of all electric vehicle charging takes place at home, because people use a home charger so it’s super convenient, but a big proportion of households in urban areas don’t have a driveway or a garage. 

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“It was amazing to see an idea – a wacky idea at that – operating which was a great milestone moment.

“And now it is in Dundee, we’ve taken it much further, it’s a really nice piece of infrastructure bringing convenient charging to urban households in a way that hasn’t been possible up to now.”

Scotland currently has the highest number of electric chargepoints per head, compared to England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Dundee hopes that their growing infrastructure for electric vehicles will carry over to the rest of the UK and Europe.


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