Sunday, October 24, 2021

E-bike review: Ribble Hybrid AL e Fully Loaded Edition

The Ribble Hybrid AL e combines flair with the proven performance of a Ribble bike. At first glance, you’d be forgiven for believing it’s an unassisted bicycle, such as the subtle nature of the motor and battery.

And at 12.5kg in weight, the ride is incredibly smooth and at times you forget you’re riding an electric bicycle.

The motor engages quickly and quietly, engaging enough to be a comforting reminder that the motor is on and working,  but without any added whirs or extreme engagement noises. The Hybrid AL e glides up hills. The range of the battery is excellent; we got 50 miles on one charge with most of the rides on the highest assistance level without any issues. Even when the assistance is turned off the bike rides well, too. 

The one-button e-motor operation is simple, using colours to guide you through the assistance levels. If there was one inconvenience with this system it would be the inability to select levels manually, rather than scaling through to reach the desired target. The bike’s smart capabilities are enhanced when it’s paired with the Ebikemotion app, which provides you with all the ride information you’re likely to ever need.

The sleek design of the Ebikemotion battery does have one drawback – maintenance access. Due to its position within the downtube, any work done on the battery requires the removal of the crankset and bottom bracket. For most, this isn’t a job that you’ll want to tackle at home, so you’ll need to find a bike shop that can carry out this kind of specialist work.

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You might wonder whether the sparkling paint and polished composition signify form over function on the Hybrid AL e – it doesn’t. While the paint job on these bikes is spectacular, Ribble has managed to create a well-rounded bike by focusing on its strengths and outsourcing the electric system to a specialist company.

The e-bike performed beautifully during test runs and is a perfect partner for the British roads and towpaths whether it’s for fun or for riding to work or the shops. You can even bring the kids along, as there’s room for child seats, making your rides a family affair.


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