Tuesday, May 24, 2022

EcoFlow’s DELTA Pro ecosystem is perfect for living off-grid

(Pocket-lint) – Being able to run your home independently from mains power that you have to pay for is increasingly a common dream for many people around the world, especially if they live in areas that have a higher likelihood of power outages due to weather or poor infrastructure. With the climate crisis getting worse, living off-grid is appealing to more and more people.

However, as many people will have discovered, this isn’t a very easy goal to accomplish. One thing that you will definitely need is a reliable and modular power station system to store power for when you need it, which is just the thing offered by EcoFlow’s newest integrated energy solution, the DELTA Pro ecosystem. Find out more about what makes it so perfect for off-grid living, right here.

Amazing power

At the core of the DELTA Pro ecosystem is the fact that you can rely on it to power appliances that you might not normally associate with off-grid living, like large TVs, washing machines and fridges. The power output of one DELTA Pro unit is 3.6kWh, which is a really beefy amount of wattage.

Rather than relying on smaller portable batteries to power things like computers and to charge devices, this means that you can have a full home, able to enjoy things like smart technology while still reducing your reliance on electric companies (and potentially shrinking your bills, therefore).

Expand your system

Part of what makes the DELTA Pro so versatile is that you can easily daisy-chain more than one unit together to repeatedly increase your power output potential. In fact, you can build a system that can output up to a huge 25kWh of power this way, a massive amount.

EcoFlowEcoFlow's newest power station is perfect for living off-grid photo 3

With that level of power, you can easily power multiple appliances at once, or use a more modest amount of power to survive without needing to be connected to the grid for weeks at a time. It also works really well as a back-up, in case you just want to have a safety net in the case that the grid does go down, rather than a permanent solution.

Solar power

To take your home off grid completely, though, you can add some of EcoFlow’s superb other devices to the mix to create a system that charges by solar energy – using its 400W Solar Panel, you can connect up to three panels to each power station to charge them up, making for sustainable home energy.

EcoFlowEcoFlow's newest power station is perfect for living off-grid photo 2

Plus, EcoFlow’s Solar Tracker can ensure that the panels rotate with the sun to maximise the efficiency of their power gain from it, a huge step forward. There are so many ways to make your system work for you, like connecting two Smart Extra Batteries to your DELTA Pro, effectively raising its power up to 10.8kWh in one swoop, without needing a second power station.

This means that you can effectively run your life from sustainable solar power, without needing to use energy that’s harvested from harmful fossil fuel consumption, and knowing that you’re not contributing to the climate crisis – a huge win for so many people.

Smart additions

If you’re worried about a loss of power, EcoFlow’s Smart Generator can act as a last-chance backup to make sure that you don’t run out of power even if there’s no sun for a few days or anything else occurs – you’ll have some valuable power stored for those cases.

EcoFlowEcoFlow's newest power station is perfect for living off-grid photo 5

Making these ecosystems doesn’t mean that you’ll be sacrificing your quality of life, though – you’re playing with so much power that even off-grid you can still integrate the power stations into a smart home setup using the Smart Home Panel from EcoFlow, which can loop all your power stations up together and get them to kick in when power goes out, or when you want them to.

The power is in your hands with DELTA Pro from EcoFlow, basically – you can use it however you want to create a system that makes you less reliant than ever before on the grid. If that sounds intriguing, you should check out EcoFlow’s website to get it for yourself.


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