Tuesday, May 24, 2022

EcoFlow’s new DELTA Pro is the perfect home backup

(Pocket-lint) – Losing power in your home is something that all too many of us experience during the course of a year, whether because of a local power plant suffering a failure, or because of the terrible weather patterns that are becoming more common across the globe thanks to the climate crisis, and whenever it does happen the need for a backup plan is obvious.

That’s why having a power station that you can rely on (or, indeed, more than one) could be something worth investigating, and it’s just this sort of use that EcoFlow has in mind for its newest ecosystem, the EcoFlow DELTA Pro ecosystem. It’s available to buy right now, but we’ve also gathered together some key points about what makes it such a great option for a home power backup.

Amazing power capacity

The core of what makes the ecosystem so powerful is that it can offer a massive 3.6kWh of power from a single DELTA Pro unit, letting you make sure that your appliances can run, and your home’s grid can stay up. One unit can offer 3600W, more than enough to power window air conditioners, washing machines, and other devices.

EcoFlowEcoFlow's new DELTA Pro ecosystem is the perfect backup for your home photo 2

It can also charge in a variety of ways to ensure that you can keep the ecosystem itself topped up in whatever way is the most convenient. It can get power from wall chargers, EV chargers, solar panels, your car or even wind generators if needed.

This means that whatever your home looks like, you can integrate a DELTA Pro into it as a powerful back up option.

Totally expandable

Where the DELTA Pro ecosystem can really get hugely useful, though, is if you start to build a system with more than one unit in it. You can link up two DELTA Pro units with two Smart Extra Batteries, two Smart Generators and a Smart Home Panel to provide a huge 25kWh of power if needed – that’s enough to provide almost a week of emergency power for a family of four.

EcoFlowEcoFlow's new DELTA Pro ecosystem is the perfect backup for your home photo 1

At that level of power you can effectively be independent from the grid, which is a hugely useful safety net in case power goes out for longer than a couple of hours, so it makes a lot of sense for those who live in precarious areas or where weather conditions often do knock out their power.

Modular options

Where the DELTA Pro really takes off, though, is when you start to pair it with other additions to EcoFlow’s lineup to feed it more power – whether that’s in the form of a 400W Solar Panel, Solar Tracker, Smart Generator, or EV X-Stream Adapter.

The 400W Solar Panel lets you really easily harvest energy from daylight to top up your power station’s banks, and you can connect up to three to one DELTA Pro for great gains. Add EcoFlow’s Solar Tracker to the equation to let your panels follow the sun throughout the day to maximise their energy gains.

The EcoFlow Smart Generator is a great back-up to the DELTA Pro, meanwhile, which will sit in the background and only start up if your battery reaches a low level of charge, powering the DELTA Pro back up and then turning off to ensure you use as much battery power as possible.

EcoFlowEcoFlow's newest power station is perfect for living off-grid photo 4

Or you could pick up the Smart Home Panel, which lets you connect up to 10 circuits in your home, to control appliances like your washing machine or your lights remotely. It can also ensure an immediate switchover to backup power in the event of an outage, a really useful safety net.

Finally, the EV X-Stream Adapter lets you charge the DELTA Pro from any of the 35,000 level 2 AC EV charging stations around the US, making it a super useful option if you need power while out on the move. These are just some of the superb additions you can make to your power station setup, with a truly modular approach that means you can tailor it to exactly what your home needs as backup.

If it sounds like the EcoFlow DELTA Pro ecosystem could be a smart option to back up your home’s power, you can pick one up right now from EcoFlow.


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