Robot window cleaners haven’t earned their way into our homes the way robot vacuums have, despite the similar promise of relieving us from a hated chore. The Ecovacs Winbot X underscores why. While it does its job fairly well, the technology can be clumsy and temperamental, and ultimately, the performance just doesn’t justify the price tag.


The Winbot X is composed of two devices: the robot itself, and a “safety pod” that operates as a stationary tether to help keep the mop from falling off the window.

The Winbot measures 10.7 by 10.7 inches and weighs about four pounds. A large Start/Pause button with an LED indicator is embedded in its handle. The socket for attaching the safety pod is adjacent to this.

On the business side of the Winbot are a squeegee, suction fan, and a square cleaning pad that wraps around the edges of the robot. A pair of driving treads and four edge-detection sensors enable the Winbot to navigate the window. At the bottom are its power switch and status indicator lights for the Winbot and the safety pod.

The safety pod is a circular unit with an 8.2-foot retractable cable attached to a suction cup that’s about five inches in diameter. It has its own power switch and a pairing button for syncing with the mop. The two devices come pre-synched, but some “malfunctions” can require you to disconnect and re-sync them.

The Winbot X also comes with a remote control, four replacement cleaning pads, and a bottle of Ecovacs Professional Cleaning Solution.

Setup and usage

Before you can use the Winbot X, you must charge the 3000mAh Lithium Ion battery. It takes about 2.5 hours to reach capacity and provides up to 50 minutes of cleaning time, according to Ecovacs. Most windows take a fraction of that time to complete, so you can get several cleanings from a full charge. The safety pod comes with a pair of AAA batteries preinstalled.

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winbot x bottom Ecovacs

The mop uses a cloth pad around its perimeter that you dampen with a cleaning solution.

There are some parameters to be aware of when using the Winbot X: Windows must be be at least 19.7 by 19.7 inches and have a frame no narrower than 0.2 inches. Ecovacs also advises you to consult glass manufacturers’ care instructions before using the Winbot X on frosted textured, patterned, or coated glass, as Winbot could damage such finishes.



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