Tuesday, May 24, 2022
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Ed Sheeran Reveals Why He Ditched His Smartphone and What it Felt Like

. Sheeran revealed that the constant pressure of responding to messages and emails took a toll on his mental health. (Screengrab from YouTube/Hodinkee)

Ed Sheeran also opened up about the best thing about ditching the phone.

We often talk about social media detox and how spending time away from the internet can bring us a new perspective. But British singer Ed Sheeran has been on a mobile phone detox for quite some while now and he recently revealed how it felt. The singer appeared on The Collector’s Edition podcast and revealed why he chose to ditch the smartphone. Sheeran revealed that the constant pressure of responding to messages and emails took a toll on his mental health and the singer decided to get rid of the smartphone altogether seven years ago. Speaking on the podcast, the 30-year-old singer said, “I got really, really overwhelmed and sad with the phone. I just spent my whole time in a very low place.”

The singer decided to quit his relationship with the phone cold turkey and described it as one of the “best decisions.” Sheeran stopped keeping a phone with himself as soon as the X world tour ended in 2015. Describing his experience after ditching the phone Sheeran said, “It was, like, a veil just lifted… I didn’t so much cut contact with people, I just limited my contact with people.” So how does Sheeran communicate in this digital age? The singer shared during the podcast episode, “Now, I have an email… and every few days, I’ll sit down and open up my laptop and I’ll answer ten emails at a time. And then I’ll go back to living life and I don’t feel overwhelmed by it.”

The singer who has delivered hits like Photograph, Shape of You, and Bad Habits, revealed that the best thing about ditching the phone, aside from feeling less stressed, is the moments that he has with the people he love in person, without any interruption.

The singer mentioned that he is not a big fan of the modern smartphones and described them as too advanced. Sheeran mentioned that smartphone companies should simplify some of their functions. It is not that Sheeran is completely averse to smartphones, the singer expressed that he still reminisces his time with BlackBerry Bold.

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