Ministers are considering measures to reduce the number of out-of-order chargers, such as bringing in a requirement that operators must have 99 per cent of their network operational at any time and providing a 24/7 helplines to report broken chargers.

Mr Shapps said: “It is essential that EV drivers feel confident using the public charge-point network. Drivers need to know they can rely on the public charging network for any journey they take. This will reduce range anxiety and position the UK as a world leader in deploying advanced EV charging infrastructure.” 

Transport minister Rachel Maclean added: “Whether you’re on the school run or travelling to work, or don’t have access to a private parking space, today’s announcement will bring us one step closer to building and operating a public charge-point network that is affordable, reliable and accessible for all drivers.”

Meanwhile, the Government also announced it is opening up its £50 million scheme to subsidise up to 75 per cent of the cost of installing a home car charger to renters and landlords, as well as small businesses.

Under the previous scheme, only homeowners could apply for grants to install charge points for up to two electric vehicles registered to them. So far over 150,000 homes have received money from the scheme.

From now renters with designated off-road spaces can apply via their landlords, and small businesses can receive grants for up to 40 chargers for employees.



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