Monday, May 3, 2021
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Epic Games v. Apple starts 8:15am PT/11:15am ET, Epic CEO Tim Sweeney testifying on day one

After months of waiting the Epic Games v. Apple legal battle kicks off today. Set to get underway at 8:15am PT/11:15am ET, the trial will see Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers tasked with deciding whether Apple or Epic is in the wrong and to what degree. Epic claims Apple’s App Store policies violate antitrust laws, while Apple says Epic broke its App Store developer agreement.

Which, if either, of the pair is right remains to be seen but we do expect some interesting tidbits to come out of the whole mess. That could start today, with Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney set to take the stand right out of the gate once opening arguments are dealt with. I’m also told that Andrew Grant, Engineering Fellow at Epic Games could be called depending on the amount of time left. Given Sweeney’s Twitter rants, he could be on the stand for a while!

We’ll be following along with the rest of you to see how this whole mess shakes out. Regardless of how Apple and Epic conduct themselves here, I don’t expect any sweeping changes to come out of this trial. That’ll be for the US government to get involved in and, if Epic does pick up the dub here, that might be the next port of call.



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