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ETaker’s M2000 May Be the Best Outdoor Power Station and It’s 50% Off!

If you prioritize portability when buying a power station, the new brand ETaker might have the best option for you out there today. It recently launched the ETaker M2000, which is one of its first portable power supplies that comes with promising features. In line with this, they are offering pledgers with up to 50% off the launch price of the unit. Here’s how to avail this saving.

How to buy the ETaker M2000 power station at $1099 off

The company is launching the M2000 through a project on Kickstarter that you can support by pledging to one of their rewards. It’s available in the select countries, including the USA, Germany, Japan, and Italy among others. If the project successfully reaches its fund goals, you would be receiving the selected bundle you backed.

Presently, they are offering the standalone M2000 station for $1099 shipped, equal to half the suggested retail price of the device once it formally launches. You can also opt for the solar generator set for $1324, which is also half the original price.

While the reward is not a guarantee, ETaker is already quite established as a new power station brand. They were present at IFA in Berlin in September and showcased their power stations and smart home peripherals. More importantly, they have a contact channel in the US for support, adding credence to the project.

ETaker M2000, Two Power Stations Next To Each Other
The ETaker M2000 definitely looks sleek with its integrated aluminum body design. / © ETaker

What makes the ETaker M2000 a better buy than its alternatives

Etaker’s M2000 is a lightweight power station with a large battery capacity at 2008 Wh. Primarily, it uses a semi-solid lithium-ion battery cell that results in a compact and lightweight build thanks to its integrated aluminum body design. At 37.5 lbs (17 kg), it’s easier to transport than most power stations with comparable capacity. The EcoFlow Delta 2 Max with an equal capacity of 2 kWh weighs a whooping 50 lbs (23 kg).

The M2000 is equipped with GaN-based charging electronics for improved thermals, efficiency, and low-noise operation. Although it uses li-ion cells, the battery is rated to retain at least 80 percent of its health after 2000 charging cycles.

ETaker touts the M2000 to be rugged with a drop-proof metal alloy casing. It is also IP63 dust and water-resistant and operates in low temperature environments for as low as -22ºF (-30ºC), making it suitable if you’re bringing it outdoor during winter.

ETaker M2000 portable power station
The ETaker M2000 portable power station can be combined for up to 10 units (20 kWh capacity). / © ETaker

In terms of energizing devices, the M2000 is rated with 2000 W output (4000 W surge), which is enough to power most high-powered appliances at home or in your RV. Meanwhile, its 2 kWh capacity can be expanded for a max of 10 connections, delivering up to 20 kWh of capacity and 16 kW of output. There are multiple ports and outlets available as well, such as full-sized AC and DC sockets and USB-C. A pretty unique feature: The M2000 supports dual voltage with 240 V and 120 V, respectively.

The ETaker M2000 supports fast and quiet charging thanks to its efficient GaN inverter technology. Through an AC supply, a full refill from 0 to 100 percent takes only about 2 hours. You can also top up the M2000 through the two solar panel connectors (2x 500 W) and car charging (1x 500 W). ETaker plans to add wind turbine charging support to the M2000 in the future.

ETaker M2000 Power Station outdoor use
The ETaker M2000 features an IP63 rating for dust and water protection. / © ETaker

What do you think of the ETaker M2000? And in your case, what are the biggest factors that you consider before buying a portable power station? Is it the price or the features? We’re eager to hear your thoughts on this.


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