Sunday, May 29, 2022
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Eurovision 2022: Fans ‘disturbed’ by ‘Pennywise’-inspired performance by Finland

The Eurovision Grand Final is upon us – and the “strange” performances have begun.

This year’s event is being hosted by Italy after Italian rock band Maneskin won the 2021 competition. Twenty-six artists have flocked to Turin to represent their countries in the grand final.

Fans were left “disturbed” by Finland’s entry.

Finnish rock band The Rasmus – behind the 2003 hit song “In the Shadows” – performed their song “Jezebel”.

Viewers took to Twitter to share their reactions to the song.

“Well this is deeply disturbing, isn’t it?” wrote one person. Another wrote: “Finland, I don’t like this.”

Others spoke about the opening of the performance, which began with lead singer Lauri Ylönen standing in a yellow rain jacket holding a yellow balloon in an apparent reference to Stephen King’s IT villain, the clown Pennywise.

One person wrote: “Finland be like Pennywise,” while another added: “Finland knows how to start,” accompanied with a GIF of Pennywise.

“Finland giving me them penny wise vibes. Unreal and unexpected as always. Fabulous Finland,” wrote someone else.

You can follow along with the live updates from the event here.

Find out all information about how to watch the grand final and what time it begins here.


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