Friday, October 22, 2021
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Face ID, fingerprint sensor On Cars, Genesis brings smartphone-like tech

Genesis has revealed the creation of a new smart car technology that is comparable to the Face ID technology used in smart phones. Face Connect technology can recognize faces, open doors without using smart keys, and more.

The new technology, according to Genesis, would allow consumers to personalize their automobiles for a better driving experience. After the Face Connect technology recognizes the driver, it will sync with their profile and modify the driver’s seat and steering wheel, as well as the HUD, side mirrors, and infotainment settings, based on their personal preferences.

A Near-Infrared camera is used in the technology to assure facial identification in any situation, including in the dark, and to determine whether or not a face has been pre-registered with the system. Drivers will no longer need to keep their smart keys with them all of the time, thanks to the technology. Even if the smart key is left in the vehicle, the vehicle may be locked using facial ID technology.

According to Genesis, each vehicle’s Face Connect system can store up to two faces. According to Genesis, the registered faces are encrypted and safely kept in the car without posing a security concern. They may also be erased at any moment by the driver, and new profiles can be created with the help of the voice assistant.

If Face ID isn’t enough, Genesis also includes a fingerprint authentication mechanism, which is similar to what you’d find on a smartphone. It can assist drivers in gaining total control of their car using biometric data rather than a smartphone or smart key.

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Anyone who has registered for both of these systems may use face recognition to access the vehicle and use fingerprint recognition to drive it. In-vehicle payments and valet mode release can also be done using fingerprint authentication. Genesis has stated that it intends to include these new technologies into its forthcoming GV60 model, which is set to be released soon.. Later, other Genesis models will also get these applications as part of their features.

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