Photo First Gridserve electric forecourt

The first Gridserve electric forecourt to open in November

The first electric forecourt by Gridserve to deliver rapid charging for EVs is almost ready, and will offer retail and more too.

Back in early March, before Covid took over the UK, we reported that the first electric forecourt from Gridserve would be opening in the summer, delivering charge rates of up to 350kW and starting to make charging an EV much closer to the experience of filling an ICE car with petrol.

Of course, the 350kW charge rate possible from the 30 charging stations is dependent on the ability of EVs to take such a rapid charge, but as more and more car makers up the charge rate it’s going to get easier to almost splash and dash an EV, with up to 10 miles of charge a minute.

The plan to open the Gridserve electric forecourt in the summer were dealt a blow by Covid, but despite that Gridserve say the Braintree site is nearly ready to go and will be opening in November.

When it does, despite the shorter time you’ll need to spend to charge, Gridserve has lined up WH Smith, Costa Coffe, Post Office (because you’re bound to need to post a letter when you’re charging your car) and more to keep you occupied whilst you wait, as well as a waiting lounge, high speed WiFi, children’s play area and business meeting rooms.

Toddington Harper, Gridserve CEO, said:

Our UK-wide network of over 100 customer-focused Electric Forecourts® will eliminate range and charging anxiety by making it easier and cheaper to charge an electric vehicle than to fuel a petrol or diesel alternative. The UK’s first Electric Forecourt®, represents so much more than an electric equivalent of a modern petrol station – it will deliver a fully loaded customer experience, offering the Best of British retail and customer service to cater for a full range of consumer and driver needs.

Gridserve aim to cater for all EVs, and in addition to the 24 chargers provided by Swedish firm ABB, there will be an additional six Tesla Superchargers.

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