Google might have pulled the greatest trick with the Pixel 4. On Wednesday afternoon, the Made by Google Twitter account confirmed a leak that was just starting to make the rounds: the Pixel 4 will finally have a second camera on the back, along with a new design that looks an awful lot like the presumed iPhone 11. And in doing so, it made the Pixel 4 a whole lot more interesting.

That’s because there’s a lot more to be excited about than a square camera bump and a new sensor. Google may have squashed a few months of rumors and leaks with the first Pixel 4 image, but it also completely changed my expectations for the upcoming handset. By revealing what should be one of the phone’s biggest features months ahead of the game, Google actually created more hype of the phone.

Here are four things I can’t wait to learn more about:

What does the front look like?

Now that we know what the back of the Pixel 4 looks like, the question remains: How big is the display on the front? Google has steadily increased the size of the Pixel and the Pixel XL over the three iterations, but with phones like the Galaxy S10 5G and OnePlus 7 Pro pushing the display size all the way to 6.7 inches, Google could go really big with the Pixel 4.

pixel 3 xl notchChristopher Hebert/IDG

Will the Pixel 4 have a notch?

And then there’s those bezels. And the chin. And the notch. Let’s face it, the Pixel has never been a phone that people drool over, but recent renders have suggested that Google might be fixing the Pixel’s bland design with the Pixel 4. I mean, is it possible they showed us the back early because the front is so beautiful?

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What will the new camera do?

OK, so the Pixel 4 will have a dual-camera array on the back. Big deal right? Basically every Android phone for the past two years has had at least two main cameras for ultra wide, telephoto, and/or depth shots, and the new hotness is triple and even quad cameras. So the mere inclusion of a second lens on the Pixel 4 isn’t a reason to get excited.

iphone xs vs android backChristopher Hebert/IDG

Dual cameras are nothing new on smartphones, but how will the Pixel 4 up the ante?

What’s more intriguing is what those cameras will be able to do. With just a single lens, Google has delivered some awesome features on its Pixel phones, including Top Shot, Night Sight, and portrait mode, so we can only imagine what it will be able to do with twice as many cameras. Google already delivered Group Selfie Cam with the dual front camera on the Pixel 3, but we’re hoping there’s a whole lot more packed into the Pixel 4.

Where’s the fingerprint sensor?

One thing missing from the Pixel 4 render Google tweeted out Wednesday was the fingerprint sensor. Normally holding court just below the camera, its conspicuous absence means one of two things: It’s moving under the display or into the front camera a la the LG G8’s time-of-flight sensor.



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