GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – – When Hurricane Florence hit our area, many places suffered from severe flooding, leaving cars under water.

Now, some of those cars could end up in a lot near you.

This is something we saw after Hurricane Matthew as well; flooded cars being refurbished.

Some insurance companies declare many a total loss, but a Carfax report suggests more than 13,000 North Carolinians are driving a previously flooding car.

Under North Carolina law, any flood damage to cars must be disclosed in writing before it’s sold again.

If you buy a used car, make sure you obtain a detailed history report.

Take a test drive and make sure the car is working and to your liking.

Read the fine print, once you sign for the car it’s too late because contracts are binding.

“Unfortunately, it’s very common we get reports of this a lot we just really encourage consumers to be proactive in doing their research ahead of time, so that this doesn’t happen to you,” said Alyssa Gutierrez of the Better Business Bureau Serving Eastern North Carolina.

“There are just a lot of issues that can arise from a flood damaged vehicle.”

If the damage isn’t in writing, some cases have gone to court over legal issues.

Some signs for spotting a flooded vehicle are a musty odor, rust around the doors, or upholstery which doesn’t match or is new.



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