In the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, you can find some free apps this week for which you would have to pay money for. A few games and productivity apps are included. We found these free apps for iOS and Android for you thanks to the help of our community.

Free apps for Android


Idle Train Station Tycoon: Money Clicker Inc: In this entertaining game you build and extend train stations. I have tested it and come to the conclusion that it is a classic ‘time game’, i.e. you build objects that are finished more or less quickly. With in-game currency and in-app purchases you can speed that up, but you don’t have to.

Ruby Square: A logical puzzle game, based on the Rubik’s Cube in terms of name and content. Not for me, but maybe for the puzzle friends out there.

Productivity apps

QR & Barcode Scanner Pro: If you still don’t have a QR scanner or barcode scanner on your smartphone, you can now strike. The app also saves all scanned codes in its history. A flashlight for low light conditions is also integrated.

RAL Colours Wall Colours App: With the app, you get NCS color cards, RAL color palettes, and Pantone color fans. So you can test how the color looks like in the room and which colors go well together before renovations.

Home training Gym Pro: Fitness app with guided training units via video animations. You can create complete training plans and track your progress in the app.

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Free Apps for iOS


Spiral Episode: In Spiral Episode a 3D world with lots of action awaits you. The RPG takes place in the future and looks futuristic.

Cubes: Brain Teaser: The game is a great pastime and does not require any in-app purchases. Cubes is a simple puzzle game where you have to complete patterns with dice.

Captain Cowboy: More retro is probably not possible! In Captain Cowboy, you can navigate the depths of an asteroid maze with one hand and survive.

Productivity apps

Phone Drive – Air File Sharing: If you don’t want to use Apple’s cloud service, this app offers a currently free alternative for backing up and managing files. The app can also be installed on the iPad or Mac and then allows data access across devices. The app was developed by Eightythree Technology.

And so ends this week’s yield of currently free apps for iOS and Android. Do you have any tips or remarks? Let us know in the comments.



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