Friday, December 3, 2021
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Free instead of $0.99: Cute interactive Android game for kids

Today our app recommendation of the day is the mobile game “A Tale of Little Berry Forest”. The game for kids usually costs US$0.99 and is currently available for free. We present it to you briefly.


  • A Tale of Little Berry Forest is free for the next 4 days.
  • 4,6 stars with more than 1.300 ratings and over 10.000 downloads.

To kick off the week, we’re thinking of your little ones and recommending a game for the younger crowd. A Tale of Little Berry Forest is currently free for Android and there are a few good reasons why you should give this little game a chance.

Why downloading A Tale of Little Berry Forest is worth it?

Our free download is less about speed, depth and action. Instead, the interactive story is told very leisurely, characters are carefully introduced and you shimmy through nice mini-games.

It’s done really cute graphically and the developers also point out a special feature here: Namely, the graphics weren’t done entirely on a computer. Instead, everything was painted with oil pastels and then brought into the game. This gives the game a special look – even though I bet your kids are more interested in the mini-games that keep interrupting the story.

The reviews, which are also all enthusiastic, speak of a “cute game” and I would like to agree with that.

Does “A Tale of Little Berry Forest” respect your privacy?

When it comes to mobile games for children, it is once again more important that we are not lured into in-app traps. Fortunately, the game is free of in-app purchases and also completely ad-free. Of course, I also checked the game for trackers and permissions via the Exodus platform: Not a single tracker was found and only two harmless permissions were requested – thumbs up for that!

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The privacy policy also hides nothing unusual at first glance. The game was last updated in June 2021 and is playable on Android 4.4 or higher. So good if you’re using an older device that you may have passed on to your kids.

PS: The game is also available for iOS, but there is currently no promo and you pay $0.99 for the game in the Apple App Store.

I hope you – and especially your little ones – have a lot of fun with this game. Let us know in the comments if we should also consider children in our app recommendations more often.


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