Monday, August 15, 2022

From the Editor’s Desk: Full steam ahead for iPhone 14 and iOS 16

We’ve arrived at the end of July, which means that we only have about a month and a half of summer left. I don’t know about you guys, but summer is my least liked season, and I’m quite frankly over the heat. I hope you’ve all been staying cool as best as you can. But as we approach the fall season, we’re definitely getting amped up for Apple’s next big iPhone event, so let’s dive in.

More iPhone 14 production woes

Purple Iphone 14 Pro Render

(Image credit: Front Page Tech)

Apple’s next big event will involve the iPhone 14, but the fate of supply and availability could be left up in the air as of right now. Why? Because there are several issues with the current supply chains and factories where the iPhone 14 is being manufactured, which could be of concern once we’re all trying to place our orders.


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