Smartphones have made it easier for us to capture moments and file away those memories. But, here’s the thing – though we are quick to whip out our phones to click those photographs, we tend to forget about them after some time. We barely revisit those old pictures. But what if I tell you that you can print those photos with ease, bring those heartwarming moments to life, and keep them near you – in your room or at workstation? Enter smartphone printers. I get my hands on one such device – the Fujifilm Instax Mini Link – to find out how it performs in the real world.

The Fujifilm Instax Mini Link not only lets you print photographs saved in your phone, but it also allows you to choose favourite moments from your videos and print them. It’s simple to choose and print a frame from videos. The feature is edgy because not all contenders out there in the market are offering this facility.

Before I talk about its other features, let me tell you that it’s easy to set it up and pair it with a phone. Place the print sheets in the allocated compartment, download the Instax Mini Link app on your Android phone or iPhone, switch on the Bluetooth and voila!

The interface of the app is intuitive. As one would expect, the app lets you edit photos before printing – you can overlay a photo with text, add a filter and even correct the brightness or contrast. And once you’re ready to print, you can either tap the print button in the app or just swipe up.

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Also, the Instax Camera mode lets you capture a current moment right from the app itself and print in real-time. And the gesture-based zoom controls make it easy to set up the right frame.


The Fun Mode is another feature that claims to make photos interesting. The Fun Mode is nothing but a place where you can customise your photographs before the print. You can add frames, choose a layout for a collage, and make it personal with sketches and illustrations.

The app offers various features – while some of them are useful, others are gimmicky.

I have used the gadget extensively and printed a lot of photos. I must say, the print quality is impressive. It prints pictures with great details, but don’t expect them to look as bright and vibrant as they appear on your phone. Overall, it functions smoothly and delivers nice prints.

Talking about its design, it has a nice build quality and looks good. The printer comes in three colour options – blue, white and pink – and all of them look trendy.

As you would agree, no review is complete without looking at the shortcomings. There are two things I don’t like about the smartphone printer.

One is the battery as it’s not great. In less than two hours of continuous usage, the battery comes down to half. But it’s still manageable as you are not expected to use it daily for hours.

But the other pitfall is a serious one – the expensive price sheets. A pack of twenty sheets costs Rs 999. I wish it was priced a little more reasonably. But if the price isn’t a constraint for you, you can go for it.

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Overall, at Rs 9,999 , it’s a good device.



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