Sunday, October 24, 2021

Future Audi EVs to offer much more range 2020

Audi is used to being on the leading edge with its Vorsprung durch Technik (Advancement through Technology) slugline but recently Audi CEO, Markus Duesmann, told a German daily publication that Tesla’s the undoubted leader in electrification.

Automotive News reported that he felt Tesla is ahead because it has larger batteries that the rest of the car is built around. He also believes the American
has a two-year head start in computing and software, and that it is also leading in the autonomous driving area.

What he is saying is on the money when range is considered. Audi’s e-trons both fall short on that count, with a range of a bit over 300km whereas a Tesla
Model X can travel over 500km on a single charge. The sleeker, lower riding Model S luxury sedan can manage almost 650km.

Audi is building a third e-tron offering soon, a performance variant with three motors but the battery pack is no bigger so range is likely to be the same
at best, ie, around 300km.

The reason range is somewhat limited is that the e-tron line-up uses modified ICE power platforms, with their associated packaging and weight drawbacks.
The next generation of EVs from Audi will utilise MEB and PPE platforms, purpose built for electric cars. So they will be lighter with added storage

Future electric Audis will also have short front and rear overhangs, meaning more space both for occupants and larger battery packs.


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