He added that several design elements of the concept would be seen on Audi models in the near future. 

The AI:ME is designed for functionality in tight city environments, with a compact crossover-like body intended to maximise manoeuvrability and visibility. Unusually, the top section of the windows – distinguished by a distinctive line running around the car – is wider than the bottom part, which Mindt explained is to ensure “the widest point is where your head is, where you want the most space.” Only the bottom half of the windows open, which Mindt said is designed to direct the air to your body rather than face. 

The exterior also features LED lights front and rear, which have been designed to send signals to pedestrians and other vehicles through light sequences and colours. 

The AI:ME has a 65kWh underfloor battery, which drives a 167bhp motor on the rear axle. 

Because the concept is designed to allow for Level Four autonomy, the interior is particularly future-focused, with a retractable steering wheel to maximise space in autonomous mode. 

There are two tables for practicality, a food storage unit and magnetic cupholders. A large storage area in the dashboard, along with door cubbies, are open, to reduce the chance of leaving personal belongings in shared cars. 

Much of the car’s infotainment and systems are operated through a large augmented reality display, which in autonomous mode can be controlled by gesture or by looking at it, using built-in eye-tracking cameras. The systems can also be operated via touch panels built into the doors. 

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The interior materials are designed to be soft and tactile, while live plants are built into the dashboard and panoramic roof, to highlight the in-built air filtration system.



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