Sky has made it possible to get Sky Sports and BT Sport channels in the same TV package, saving customers up to 40%. This deal could save you over £400 per year.

Previously only available as separate TV channel bundles, Sky has two new packages that contain all the top sports channels. It’s the first time customers have been able to get Sky and BT sports channels in one subscription.

Not only that, but doing this will cost £35 for the first option making a saving of 35% compared to the standalone subscription prices. It has all 12 combined Sky and BT sports channels.

A second option saves you even more by combining Sky Sports, BT Sport and Sky Entertainment – including Sky One, Sky Atlantic and Fox – for just £47 per month, saving 40% compared to getting them individually.

Click ‘get started’ and Sky will show a saving of £34 a month, which is actually 42% off the usual monthly price of £81.

With Sky Sports and BT Sport channels customers can enjoy almost any sport including Premier League, Formula 1, NHL, rugby, golf, cricket and more.

The new sports packages are available to new and existing customers on an 18-month contract and you can find them at

Sky says that “customers with a BT Sport subscription with BT who wish to take one of the new packages will need to contact Sky to upgrade their accounts.”

You can also request a ‘delayed activation’ option which grants you a 30-day notice period with BT before being charged by Sky.

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