Mobile network Giffgaff has announced that it will be giving its famous goodybags an overhaul with lots of treats due to arrive soon – great news for anybody that has their phone or SIM only deal with the provider.

As of Wednesday, February 26, Giffgaff will be giving ‘double data’ perks on its £20 and Always On goodybags. That means that its £20 package jumps up from 40GB to 80GB data usage per month.

While the Always On option (another name for Giffgaff’s unlimited data SIM) will see its data speed cap go from 40GB to 80GB. So you get as much data as you please every month, but once you hit 80GB the speed will be restricted to 384Kb from 8am to midnight.

The £6 and £8 goodybags are also getting the overhaul treatment with unlimited texts and minutes coming as standard to both. The £10, £12 and £15 goodybags will remain the same although pricing for texts, calls and MMS is going to drop.

David Caton, Head of Propositions at Giffgaff, said “We are pleased to announce the refresh of our £6, £8, £20 and £25 Always On goodybags as at Giffgaff, we are always looking to provide the best choice for our members. True to our motto of mutual giving, we hope that the new added value to the current goodybags will provide both existing and future members an extra happy start to the year.”


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