Monday, December 6, 2021
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Gmail is down! How to get your mail service back on track

After reports about problems with the Google Play Store, there are now also problems with Gmail. Many users are reporting via social media and other channels that they are no longer able to log in.

According to the users, the attempt to log in is acknowledged with the classic 404 error message. Apparently, the error is appearing around the globe. For example, the service currently ranks quite high on various fault detectors.

According to Google, the problems on the server side have already been fixed, but there are still reports about the issue. If you are also affected, it is advisable to delete the cache and cookies from your browser in order to resolve the problem on the user side. We show you how it works with Chrome and Firefox.

google gmail dashboard down tracker google 01
According to Google, the problem is already fixed. / © Google

How to get your Gmail up and running again with Chrome and Firefox

On Google Chrome you will want to head over to the Settings, expand the display using the button at the bottom of the list and then search for delete browser data. Here you can empty the cache and delete the cookies. Then restart the browser, but closes all open tabs before you do.

With Mozilla Firefox you must first open the menu by clicking the button in the upper right corner, click on Settings and then on Privacy. You can delete the website data by clicking on Recent History and the cookies by clicking on Individual Cookies. The browser must also be restarted here and every open tab must be closed before the restart.

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Other browsers require different ways to delete the corresponding data. If this does not solve the problem, you can alternatively use a different browser for the time being. Probably, some patience is still needed until Google’s troubleshooting will work for all users.

Have you experienced the outage? Let us know if you have a solution.


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