Coulter believes that with nowhere near enough public chargers being installed, BookMyCharge will help to plug gaps in the network, especially in remote, rural places.

Teague, meanwhile, is focusing on neighbours for the simple reason that, he says, for every one public charger, there are six underused home chargers. He hopes to have signed up 6000 hosts by the end of this year and 22,000 by the end of 2022 (like BookMyCharge, Co Charger is free to join but the company takes a cut of the revenue – in its case 12%).

He imagines most hosts will have around four chargees using their charger, earning them from around £470 to £1300 per year, depending on what fee they demand and how much they pay for their electricity.

Teague isn’t precious about his idea. He’s keen that every current or aspiring EV owner signs up not only with his firm but also with BookMyCharge and existing driveway renters, which include JustPark and YourParkingSpace, which are moving into EV charging.

YourParkingSpace claims to have 4000 driveways offering EV charging on its database; JustPark has only 550 hosts, but they all signed up in the six weeks before Christmas.

“By December, we hope to have many thousands of chargees,” says JustPark founder Anthony Eskinazi. “The ability to reserve a charger is a key attraction for our users.”

As it is for all EV owners using private chargers, especially as EV sales increase and the public chargers that do work become overwhelmed.



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